Our Terms of Service

Our Terms and Conditions:

By using our services it is mutually agreed that:

Lawn Maintenance

1. Contractor will come for every service date. If the lawn is not in need of cutting (based on Contractor’s best judgment) upon arrival, Contractor will perform a value replacement service with an equal or lesser value of the cutting. Examples:

- Collect and remove Sticks/Debris
- Hedge trimming
- Manage Bed Weeds
- Fluff mulch
- Manage excessive overgrowth

2. If Customer wishes to cancel a scheduled service for a given week, 48 hours notice must be given. Customer will pay a $5 rescheduling fee for every visit cancelled/rescheduled.

3. Service cannot be cancelled once Contractor has arrived at the property. If Customer does not want the lawn cut upon Contractors arrival, the Customer may substitute the cutting with a different service that is not already scheduled or Customer will be charged a $10.00 drive by fee.

4. If Customer chooses to decrease the number of service visits, the price per visit may increase.

General Policies

5. Customer can elect to cancel his/her account at any time given one weeks notice.

6. Customer agrees to promptly notify the Contractor in writing of any dissatisfaction with the service to insure that service is performed as agreed. Customer must notify Contractor within 48 hours of any damages. Failure to report damages within 48 hours constitutes a waiver, and Contractor is released from liability.

7. If Contractor arrives at a Customer’s property to provide service, but work is not needed due to service being performed by another party, Contractor will charge Customer regular service amount for work Contractor arrived to do.

8. Before Contractor arrives to complete service, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the property is free of toys, hoses, portable sprinklers, animal waste and other objects that interfere with the maintenance of the lawn. Contractor will not be responsible for damage caused to or by such items left on the property. Contractor reserves the right to refuse service if the property is not cleared prior to arrival. An extra fee may be charged if foreign objects impede the work which is to be performed by us such as vehicles, debris, etc. All gated areas must also be accessible and unlocked. For the safety of your pets, Please pick up any animal waste before your servicing day. The mowers can pick up and transfer diseases from house pet to house pet. Not to mention our employees’ health and well-being.


9. Customer will pay for services rendered, upon completion. Any collection costs including attorney fees and court cost will be the responsibility of the Customer.

10. Any returned payments will be charged an additional $25.00 service fee, per occurrence.



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